Our Souls naturally know. It knows what we need, it knows how energy flows. So we will find everything we need to know within ourselves.

Hi, I’m Michal Maahyr and I guide people through movement exercises towards my own Soul. The practices and knowledge of yoga and cchi-kung, which I actively use to harmonize and cultivate inner energy, help me to do this. Since these practices bring me beneficial effects on the mind and body, I decided to combine them into one whole, separate type of exercise, i.e. my own program. This program helps me awaken intuition and the ability to be led “from above”, to listen to my heart, which also teaches me to use my own Power. It is a movement that intuitively leads me to my Soul, inward, to a place where I will once again remember who I am and what I can really accomplish with my energy. Our Soul knows what it needs, knows how the inner energy should flow naturally, and we often suppress this energy in this world. I first came into contact with yoga at the university in Pardubice, which I continued to practice regularly for 2 years under the guidance of one of the leading Czech yoga instructors. I attended several ceremonies to deepen my connection with my Soul and completed a purification ritual. During my trip, I also participated in group meditations, constellations and seminars on the harmonization of energy centers. However, this information only came together when I started practicing cchi-kung. This helped me to create my own program, which I subsequently started training in Pardubice in 2020. Later, I created a monthly online course with the intention of “Awakening my Strength and activating (self) healing skills”, which was successfully completed. Now I pass on my knowledge in person in Prague, here, in the Body Positive Yoga studio and also, for example, in Šumava, where together with my girlfriend Maruška we organize yoga retreats for couples.

Michal Maahyr