Yoga for mummies with babies

Yoga for mummies with babies

What will it be about? The lesson will include grounding, stabilizing, breathing, relaxing, stretching, and last but not least, connecting with our babies. Your baby may sleep through the lesson, may want to cradle, nurse/feed, change the diapers, cry and everything will be fine. What to expect? A lesson where we will try to do the above as much as possible... the verb ``we will try`` is important. What not to expect? A perfectly cut yoga practice without interruptions etc. It is possible that it will be fun and a little chaotic at times, but why not? There is no better mindfulness practice than motherhood. Come with an open mind & heart and I believe that when we moms tune in, calm the body and mind, the babies will sense it and join us (or not). Come if you are shortly (or even longer) postpartum and want to slowly get back in shape with me. Come if you have a baby under the age of 1 (not yet walking) and you want to change the environment for a while, meet like-minded women, stretch, talk and relax.

NOTICE! Unfortunately, we do not have space for strollers in the studio, plus there is one floor of stairs leading up to us, so please, if you have the opportunity, use a baby carrier or a sling. It is possible to leave strollers in front of the studio on the ground floor, in the open (freely accessible) corridor of the building.

The minimum number of clients for this lesson is two. If there is only one mother, the lesson is canceled (which we will of course inform you about). Thank you for your understanding.

Make a pause in your day to day life


Connecting to yourself and your baby

Proximity of like-minded women


Name of the lecturer: Maruška

the founder of the studio, the lecturer